Hell of a Pilot 34: God Empress

June 11, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen, members of the Royal Family (we know you're there), welcome to Hell of a Pilot episode 34. We didn't actually record on the day we said we would, and instead spent an Australian national holiday discussing:

  • Lando's Millennium Falcon
  • Some select contents of the Scum conversion kit
  • Droids: what are they, who are they, why are they?

Blitz in Space 2: How to Sell an Ambush

June 1, 2018

In the second episode of Blitz in Space, our heroes formulate a plan to get a new ship. They meet an old friend and make a new one, but the Empire is not far behind. Will a simple exchange of goods go smoothly? Are our heroes up to the task of fighting the Empire head on? How many bombs is too many? The answers to these questions and more in the latest episode of our original audio drama.


Hell of a Pilot 33: Planet of the Fels

May 26, 2018

In episode 33 we go into the Rebel conversion kit for 2.0:

  • Who has better abilities than before?
  • Who has a better dial than before?
  • Why is Nym no longer necessary for the Rebels?
  • How is FFG contolling how the ships in 2.0 fly?

This episode's lore section is brought to you by a technicality.


Blitz in Space: Episode 1

May 23, 2018

In the first episode of the Hell of a Pilot original audio drama you'll meet Blitz Kordon, a cavalier smuggler out to make a few credits, and TX-15, a tactical droid from the Clone Wars and Blitz's constant companion. All they want is to get their job done and get paid, but Imperial agent extraordinaire, Baron Gundark, is out to get them. How will they get out of this one, and will Lieutenant Tam be ok? Find out before the second exciting episode is released!


Hell of a Pilot 32: History Happened

May 10, 2018

In this episode we cover the TIE Reaper and Saw's Renegades, and some of the ways they're being blended into Second Edition. Listen in for a chat about

  • Unreleased pilot abilities that are new, yet old
  • Builds you can try in the closing days of First Edition
  • 5000 years of space combat
  • who wins a t-shirt

And if you ever want to bypass the winning part and go straight to the t-shirt, this is the place to go:




Hell of a Pilot: Special 2.0 Release Discussion

May 3, 2018

Here we go. X-wing version 2.0 was announced this week and we weren't willing to wait until our next recording night to talk about it, so we jumped onto Skype to get some initial thoughts together. Join us for a quick dive into

  • what X-wing 2.0 will mean
  • conversion kits
  • can you still use your current models (yes, you can)
  • changes to cards and mechanics
  • semi-digitisation of resources
  • other stuff

We've probably left some things out because we were pretty excited but hopefully this will be helpful for you in some way until our next official recording.




H3ll of a Pilot 31: Perfectly Seasoned

April 27, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen, decent people who don't believe in swearing, welcome to **** of a Pilot episode 31. In light of the responses we got in a recent Facebook poll, we've made a slightly more critical episode than we usually would (but it's balanced nicely and still very 'us'). Join us as we cover:

  • aspects of the game that bother us
  • what the game should be
  • why Harpoons are fine (wait, is that right?)
  • what is a negative play experience?
  • a lore section about the Illuminati

Stay until the end to learn how you can win a prize in a little competition we're having. Also, yet again, this episode was recorded right before the release of an article that would have provided much better content.


Hell of a Pilot Episode 30: A Legion of Their Own

April 12, 2018

There has been an awakening in the Star Wars gaming community. You have felt it. In the thirtieth episode of our show we decided to have a look at Legion. To keep it relevant to an X-wing podcast, the discussion is partly a compare/contrast kind of thing, but there's a good amount of chat about the game itself and why it's so popular at the moment. Whether you're getting into the game or not you should be able to get something from the discussion that we have with our wonderful guest star, Charles from Star wars Tabletop Gaming (https://www.facebook.com/SWTabletopGaming).

For our lore section, rather han a single pilot, you get a lesson on wookiees: what is a wookiee, how do they live, and how did they become slaves of the Empire?

But, the really, REALLY special part: stay tuned after the end of the regular show for the first episode of an original Star Wars audio drama written by our new best friend Jack Murray, performed by Jack & Hell of a Pilot and fantastically filled with music and sound effects by our own Owen Cross. It's pretty darn amazing.

Finally, if you could find it in your hearts to vote for us in the Gold Squadron Goldie Awards, we would be incredibly grateful. It's a real treat just to be nominated, but let's do this for Australia. Voting at the link:



Hell of a Pilot Episode 29: The Right File

March 29, 2018

What's this? A chocolatey and delicious new episode just in time for Easter? Yes. It is that. If you're still with us after what happened last time, strap in and enjoy some of the highest quality filler content we could make in the absence of X-wing news during the build up to Legion's release. FFG is staying pretty quiet about X-wing lately, but we're not just going to sit here quietly. 

Episode 29 is inspired by Saw's Renegades, a pack attempting to breathe new life into two ships that are already available in the game. In that spirit, we decided to analyse some of our favourite old ships, explain why, in our opinion, those ships aren't flown nowadays, and then suggest ways those ships could be restored to glory.

In our famous lore section, learn all about Carnor Jax, an ex Imperial Royal Guard who held the galaxy in his grip after the death of Emperor Palpatine. It's all here: duty, zeal, betrayal, murder, and the brutal life of training to be one of the Emperor's personal guards.


Hell of a Pilot Episode 28: The Last Temptation of Ezra Bridger (Redux)

March 21, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen and holograms of Emperor Palpatine, welcome to the re-release of episode 28.

Our small technical difficulties have been sorted out, and now we present the final version of our latest episode for your enjoyment. Thank you to everyone who messaged us about the problem. In this episode, we:

  • briefly touch on the latest season prize kit
  • talk about Rebels without context to X-wing Miniatures at all (spoilers)
  • cover Fenn Rau in our lore section

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as you enjoy the FFG article that is no doubt on its way.