Hell of a Pilot Episode 10: The Tusken Raider, a ship made of sand?

April 21, 2017

This week HoaP is takes a slightly different approach with an expanded lore episode. 

With things quiet on the X-Wing front we decided to focus on what's happening in the broader Star Wars universe. We dissect the trailers for: 

  • The Last Jedi, which we learn refers to the singular
  • Star Wars Battlefield trailer 
  • The last season of Rebels is upon us and it makes us sad. 

We then speculate on what ships can we expect coming from these new movies and expanded universe: the Tusken Raider, a ship made of sand? 

We also talk about our love of: 

  • The Tie S/F with Light Weight Frame
  • Red Ace or as we call her "Shield Maiden."

Join the guys for Star Wars chatter with a dash of X-Wing. 

So remember, when in doubt focus! 


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