Hell of a Pilot Episode 4: Defends with Benefits

January 27, 2017

Welcome to Episode 4! Epic Scum is here and we talk about the C-ROC and FFG's continued attempts to make the Syck a viable ship. We also delve into the results of the West Australian and South Australian regionals. Join us this week as our hosts discuss: 

  • What does the Scum epic add to the game?
  • When, oh when will FFG give the Star Viper some love?
  • We discuss how Scum and Imperial are dominating Australian regionals 
  • We delve into the lore surrounding Defender pilot Maarak Stele
  • The guys share their favorite stories about giving and receiving critical hits.

We'd love to hear your critical hit stories, so post them on our FaceBook page! 

Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew.

And remember: when in doubt focus!


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