Hell of a Pilot Episode 7: Scruffy Nerf Herders

March 12, 2017

What a week in X-Wing! 

Join Hazard, Kaos and special guest David Leslie of Bantha Squadron and SA Regional winner fame in the latest episode of Hell of a Pilot.

Sadly Baron Gundark (Mike) couldn't make due to his Star Destroyer breaking down in a asteroid field. 

The guys dig into the planet shaking changes to Zuckuss, Palpatine and Manaroo. We look at:

  • What squads and pilots we can expect to see as the meta shifts
  • The lore surrounding Coran Horn.. surprise he's another 90s EU character who also happens to be force sensitive! 
  • Learn that a "nerf" is actually a creature in the Star Wars universe... who knew! 
  • What the guys would love to see in the new cinematic Star Wars universe.

Remember when in doubt - focus! 


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