Hell of Pilot Episode 1: Won’t somebody think of the poor Tie Academy pilot?

December 18, 2016

Join Owen, Mike and Lachlan as they discuss the X-Wing table top miniatures game. It's a show intended for both the serious and casual player. 

This week: 

  • Our illustrious hosts introduce themselves and confess how long they've been Star Wars tragics
  • We discuss the recent Victorian Regionals, our experiences while there and present interviews with some of the players there
  • We look into the lore of the Tie Phantom and weep over the tragic fate of the average Tie Academy pilot in the Star Wars universe
  • This and much more!

So join the crew for this bi-weekly show that places an emphasis on the fun aspects of the game.  


[Image sources: Lucas Arts and FFG. All images used for educational and entertainment purposes only]


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