Hell of a Pilot Episode 29: The Right File

March 29, 2018

What's this? A chocolatey and delicious new episode just in time for Easter? Yes. It is that. If you're still with us after what happened last time, strap in and enjoy some of the highest quality filler content we could make in the absence of X-wing news during the build up to Legion's release. FFG is staying pretty quiet about X-wing lately, but we're not just going to sit here quietly. 

Episode 29 is inspired by Saw's Renegades, a pack attempting to breathe new life into two ships that are already available in the game. In that spirit, we decided to analyse some of our favourite old ships, explain why, in our opinion, those ships aren't flown nowadays, and then suggest ways those ships could be restored to glory.

In our famous lore section, learn all about Carnor Jax, an ex Imperial Royal Guard who held the galaxy in his grip after the death of Emperor Palpatine. It's all here: duty, zeal, betrayal, murder, and the brutal life of training to be one of the Emperor's personal guards.


Hell of a Pilot Episode 28: The Last Temptation of Ezra Bridger (Redux)

March 21, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen and holograms of Emperor Palpatine, welcome to the re-release of episode 28.

Our small technical difficulties have been sorted out, and now we present the final version of our latest episode for your enjoyment. Thank you to everyone who messaged us about the problem. In this episode, we:

  • briefly touch on the latest season prize kit
  • talk about Rebels without context to X-wing Miniatures at all (spoilers)
  • cover Fenn Rau in our lore section

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as you enjoy the FFG article that is no doubt on its way.


Hell of a Pilot Episode 27: #neverforgetlegends

March 3, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen and crew cards of all point values, welcome to another episode of Hell of a Pilot. Today we acually get to cover the Wave 14 release article! Tune in for

  • the TIE Reaper
  • servomotor s-foils
  • the U-wing
  • Saw Gerrera
  • the life story of Lando Calrissian

PS: if you think you'd enjoy purchasing a Hell of a Pilot t-shirt, follow this link:
(If you're not sure whether or not you'll enjoy it, we say you won't know til you try.)

PPS: our new mic is so sensitive that in this episode it occasionally picked up the sound of us moving around. We'll work on that in future and we really appreciate your patience with our amateur operation. 


Hell of a Pilot Episode 26: Space Superiority

February 16, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen and the FFG employee who spies on us and releases content the day after we record, get ready for episode 26! It's a speculative episode about what could be in Wave 14... recorded the night before Wave 14 was announced. Laugh at our comically invalidated thoughts as we discuss:

  • the Solo trailer and what it could mean for the future of the game
  • non-Solo stuff that could (at the time) be in Wave 14
  • a few comments about the FFG release schedule that were disproven less than twelve hours later
  • a lore section about the TIE Fighter itself (one of the best ever)

Stay tuned all the way to the end for a surprise segment.

And as always, when in doubt, focus.



Hell of a Pilot Ep. 25: Stress Bugs, Nerfherders and Trajectory Stimulation

February 1, 2018

Ladies, gentleman and Quarren species of a salt-and-pepper-age welcome to Season 2 of Hell of a Pilot!

In our return show we discuss:

  • The recent "nerfs" to Genius and Trajectory Simulator
  • The impact of Wave 13 on the meta
  • We love the Ezra Sheathipede "Stress bug"
  • How the Tie Silencer and Gunboat have put the Imperial faction back on the map
  • Owen talks about the biggest, most evil Scum character in the Star Wars universe
  • And why Fenn Rau would make an amazing Imperial pilot in the Tie Hunter.

Remember, when in doubt... focus!


Hell of Pilot: holiday special, international edition

January 26, 2018

Ladies, gentlemen and denziens of the Galactic holonet... Welcome to this international edition of Hell of Pilot!

Mike, Lachlan and Owen will be back shortly for Season 2 of the show, but in the interim Lachlan and Owen interview listeners from around the world. 

Our thanks to everyone who participated in the show. 


Hell of a Pilot Ep 24: Mars Attacks!

December 16, 2017

Ladies, Gentlman and Porgs of a crispy age,

It's the end of Season One of Hell of Pilot! 

Owen and Lachlan take the reigns of the show as they're joined from Mars from "Fly Casual".

  • In this show the guys will focus on the Tie Silencer
  • Does it live up to the hype? 
  • What squads suit the Silencer?
  • In today's lore Hortan Salm... can we explain his lack of EPT?

So strap in and punch it as we bring Season One of HoaP to a close.

As a special note, all three of your hosts would like to thank you for your support.

We'll be back in 2018 for Season Two. 

So remember when in doubt, focus!




Hell of a Pilot e 23: The Phantom Menace Part Deux

November 30, 2017

Ladies, Gentleman and Mandalorians of an age where might makes right... welcome to episode 23 of Hell of a Pilot!

This week the guys talk about the Phantom II and the Wave 13 "spoilers".

  • Lachlan talks about his love of the new Phantom II for the Rebels
  • Mike talks about Kylo Ren in the lore section
  • We discuss the "leaks" and what they say about the next wave.

Remember when in doubt, focus!




Hell of a Pilot 22: Of Killer Koalas and X-Wings

November 16, 2017

Ladies, Gentlemen and X-Wing players demanding FFG give us the Tie Hunter, welcome to Episode 22 of Hell of a Pilot. 

This week join the full crew of Owen, Mike and Lachlan as they discuss the new Scum ship, what we've dubbed the Killer Koala.  

Did the FAQ kill the Jumpmaster scourge? 

We also relfect on PAX fun! 

As per listener request, Owen looked into the lore around Kath Scarlet and Slave 1.

So remember when in doubt, focus! 




Hell of a Pilot 21: We all live in a yellow gunboat, a yellow gunboat

November 3, 2017

Join Mike, Lachlan and special guest Hairy Nick as we talk Gunboats!

  • What do we like about them?
  • What kind of builds would we like to see?
  • And what does it mean for Imperial players?
  • Lachlan delves into the lore of one of the true icons of science fiction, the T-65 X-Wing.

Also a special shout out to one of listeners who listens to Hell of a Pilot on a submarine. This weeks shows title pays tribute to them.

Remember, we want the Tie Hunter!