Hell of a Pilot Ep 17: A Tie Interceptor Made of Knives and Wave 12

September 7, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and Bith of a musical age welcome to Hell of a Pilot Episode 17,

All crew slots are filled with your regular hosts: Owen, Lachlan and Mike. This week: 

  • We break down the upcoming wave 12 and what we think... Gunboats, gunboats, gunboats! 
  • Mike want's a Tie Hunter, can we make this a thing please? 
  • Lachlan does his amazing Imperial Radio segment
  • Mike delves deep into the history, structure and tactics of the Imperial Navy.

Remember when in doubt focus! 

~ The Crew of Hell of a Pilot.



Hell of a Pilot Ep 16: Marauding, malicious Wookies - a Wave 11 retrospective

August 22, 2017

Ladies, gentlmen and Kubaz of a sneaky disposition, welcome to Hell of a Pilot episode 16.

Finally, Mike's back after being held in Hairy Nick's dungeon. 

This week we talk about Wave 11 and what's game breaking, not game breaking and what's great:

  • Mike's love for the Scurrg bomber, a ship that is well balanced and fun to fly
  • Lachlan makes a strong case for the Wookie Gunship the "sleeper hit" of Wave 11
  • Owen delves into the lore surrounding Cad Bane
  • Lachlan does his wonderful Imperial Propoganda. 

Remember guys, when in doubt - focus! 

Lachlan, Mike and Owen. 



Hell of a Pilot Ep 15: Video met the Podcast Stars

August 1, 2017

Ladies, gentleman and unknon species of a Yoda age, 

Join Lachlan, Owen and special guest Nick from the YouTube show "Hairy Nick" to talk X-Wing. 

On this show: 

  • More on Guns for Hire
  • FFG's article on the Star Viper and it's sweet, sweet upgrades
  • Lore section on BIGGGGGGGGSSSS!!!!!!!!

Remember when in doubt focus!



Hell of a Pilot Ep 14: Battle Butterflies, a look at Guns for Hire

July 11, 2017

Ladies, Gentlemen and people of the Empire! Welcome to Hell of a Pilot Episode 14. 

In this episode Owen, Mike and Lachie take a detailed look at the "Guns for Hire" expansion: 

  • How good are the "fixes"? 
  • What pilots and upgrades worth considering
  • How Guri in the Starviper is going to get lots of love
  • Is the Scurgg just too good? 

And in our lore section, Mike looks talks about Rear Admiral Chiraneau and the VT-49 Decimator. 

Remember, when in doubt focus! 


Hell of a Pilot Ep 13: Weaponized Wood, or the coming of the Scurrg and Gunship

June 27, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and Sullustans of a floppy disposition welcome to Hell of a Pilot episode 13! 

This week the guys take a close look:

  • the Wookie Gunship.. good, bad or meh? 
  • are Mike's fears of the Scurrg bomber being "just too good" valid? 
  • every-ones favorite bipedal lizard, Bossk! 
  • what number episode are we the guys up to? 

Join us for debate, discussion and the usual nonsense. 

Remember: when in doubt, focus! 




Hell of a Pilot Ep 12: The Ugly Babies, or why we love Intensity

June 5, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and Rhodians of a crispy age welcome to Hell of  Pilot Episode 12! 

This week Lachie and Mike are given free reign to run amok without Owen's firm hand. So strap yourselves in as the guys try and not to run the show of the rails.  

This week the guys discuss:

  • The Tie Aggressor in depth 
  • How good are the named pilots? 
  • What kind of squads would the Aggressor suit? 
  • How excited we are about the new EPT "Intensity"
  • We look into the history and lore of another 90s video game character, Jan Ors. 

Remember when in doubt focus!


Hell of a Pilot ep 11: The Mighty Hawks, or God Shots and Soontir Fel

May 22, 2017

Dear all,

Another shorter episode, but a goody!

In this episode:

  • We explore how to get a "god shot" using the mighty Hawk and Nora Wexly!
  • Spotlight on Soontir Fel: the man, the moustache, the legend
  • Special Easter Egg for dedicated listeners.

Remember, when in doubt focus!


Hell of a Pilot Episode 10.5: A Box of Scraps, or 2017 Worlds Wrap Up

May 11, 2017

Join us this week for our reactions and impressions of Worlds 2017. 

We'll talk about:

  • What lists did well and why
  • The continued rise and rise of Attani Mindlink
  • Why did Scum dominate?
  • How much we loved the winning list of Dengar and Tel
  • The state of the Imperials. 

Episode 11 is coming soon, but we had some sliiiiiiight technically difficulties. In the interim you still get some tasty content. 

Remember, when in doubt focus! 


Hell of a Pilot Episode 10: The Tusken Raider, a ship made of sand?

April 21, 2017

This week HoaP is takes a slightly different approach with an expanded lore episode. 

With things quiet on the X-Wing front we decided to focus on what's happening in the broader Star Wars universe. We dissect the trailers for: 

  • The Last Jedi, which we learn refers to the singular
  • Star Wars Battlefield trailer 
  • The last season of Rebels is upon us and it makes us sad. 

We then speculate on what ships can we expect coming from these new movies and expanded universe: the Tusken Raider, a ship made of sand? 

We also talk about our love of: 

  • The Tie S/F with Light Weight Frame
  • Red Ace or as we call her "Shield Maiden."

Join the guys for Star Wars chatter with a dash of X-Wing. 

So remember, when in doubt focus! 


Hell of a Pilot Episode 9: Pinnacle of Podcastiness

April 10, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and droids of all ages welcome to Episode 9 of "Hell of a Pilot". 

This week we discuss: 

  • Our man with the golden tonsils, Hazard, delivers his Propaganda broadcast
  • Just how good are the new Syck pilots that will be coming in the C-ROC
  • Mike has a new love, Sunny Bounder! <3
  • We talk about the lore surrounding IG-88 and how this droid used to mess with the Emperor's mind
  • In our Cantina section we talk about Rebels.

Thanks for listening, and remember when in doubt focus!