Hell of a Pilot Episode 4: Defends with Benefits

January 27, 2017

Welcome to Episode 4! Epic Scum is here and we talk about the C-ROC and FFG's continued attempts to make the Syck a viable ship. We also delve into the results of the West Australian and South Australian regionals. Join us this week as our hosts discuss: 

  • What does the Scum epic add to the game?
  • When, oh when will FFG give the Star Viper some love?
  • We discuss how Scum and Imperial are dominating Australian regionals 
  • We delve into the lore surrounding Defender pilot Maarak Stele
  • The guys share their favorite stories about giving and receiving critical hits.

We'd love to hear your critical hit stories, so post them on our FaceBook page! 

Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew.

And remember: when in doubt focus!


Hell of a Pilot Episode 3: What’s that about your party bus?

January 15, 2017

Episode Three is here with special guest Victorian (AUS) regional winner Nick Hendly. We talk in depth about his squad and his views on the current state of the game. 

Segments include;  

  • Holonet: what makes each of the factions unique? 
  • Making the Phantom Great Again: why did Nick choose to fly the "Mynock Special" and how did he fly it to great effect at the Victorian regionals
  • One hell of a pilot: the lore surrounding the twin patron saints fo Scum, Zuckess and 4-Lom
  • Outer Rim: what we'd like to see FFG do with the game
  • Cantina: we raise a glass to the late, great Carrie Fischer. 

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Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew. 

And remember: when in doubt focus! 




Hell of a Pilot Episode 2: The Nerf that Stole Deadeye

December 30, 2016

This episode we talk about the new Tie Striker and Rebel Tie Fighter and their potential. The guys also briefly reflect upon a little film called "Rogue One", the prequel that is a sequel to the prequel films. In our lore section Lachlan gives us the history of Dash Rendar. We also discuss our individual "Top 5" related X-Wing and Star Wars moments for 2016. 


Hell of Pilot Episode 1: Won’t somebody think of the poor Tie Academy pilot?

December 18, 2016

Join Owen, Mike and Lachlan as they discuss the X-Wing table top miniatures game. It's a show intended for both the serious and casual player. 

This week: 

  • Our illustrious hosts introduce themselves and confess how long they've been Star Wars tragics
  • We discuss the recent Victorian Regionals, our experiences while there and present interviews with some of the players there
  • We look into the lore of the Tie Phantom and weep over the tragic fate of the average Tie Academy pilot in the Star Wars universe
  • This and much more!

So join the crew for this bi-weekly show that places an emphasis on the fun aspects of the game.  


[Image sources: Lucas Arts and FFG. All images used for educational and entertainment purposes only]