Hell of a Pilot: X-Wing Podcast

Hell of a Pilot 39: This is Fine

August 24, 2018

Welcome to episode 39, pilots. Tonight we go over points costs, and some of the upgrade slots available to the ships of Second Edition. Are the values of our factions' ships reflective of how powerful they'll be? Why do certain ships have certain slots, and what can you do with them? Also, in a lore section several times longer than her on-screen appearance, we'll tell you all about Magva Yarro and how her life is represented in X-wing.

By the way, we're asking people to join us in looking back on the good old days of X-wing. If you want to help us with that record a video of yourself telling us in 20 to 30 seconds what you loved about First Edition and what you're excited for in Second Edition, and send it to our Facebook inbox!