Hell of a Pilot: X-Wing Podcast

Hell of a Pilot 44: F

December 18, 2018

Well, it's here at last: the final episode of Hell of a Pilot. We hope you've enjoyed listening as much as we've enjoyed making it. Most people don't get an audience while they make silly jokes about their favourite games, but we did, which is just ridiculous. Thank you all.

By request, our topics tonight are the RZ-2 A-Wing, the TIE Silencer, the Resistance Bomber and the Clone Wars. Hear about Owen getting excited for things from the past that are coming in the future, Lachie's latest idea for a terrible build, and Mike coming full-circle back to his favourite ship.

We did talk about the Sith Infiltrator and some more of the Aethersprite upgrades, but due to a small hiccup with the computer on the night we lost about ten minutes of conversation. Basically:

  • Maul is the First Edition Gunner crew card
  • The Infiltrator being large base is surprising, and hopefully the cloak mechanic will make up for the weaknesses large bases tend to have
  • The weird probe droid token. What is the explanation for the guides on every edge? Does it fly in random directions by putting a template on any side? 


Again, thank you so much for supporting us for to years. Keep following us on Facebook and if we decide to do anything else we'll let you know.