Hell of a Pilot Ep 16: Marauding, malicious Wookies - a Wave 11 retrospective

August 22, 2017

Ladies, gentlmen and Kubaz of a sneaky disposition, welcome to Hell of a Pilot episode 16.

Finally, Mike's back after being held in Hairy Nick's dungeon. 

This week we talk about Wave 11 and what's game breaking, not game breaking and what's great:

  • Mike's love for the Scurrg bomber, a ship that is well balanced and fun to fly
  • Lachlan makes a strong case for the Wookie Gunship the "sleeper hit" of Wave 11
  • Owen delves into the lore surrounding Cad Bane
  • Lachlan does his wonderful Imperial Propoganda. 

Remember guys, when in doubt - focus! 

Lachlan, Mike and Owen. 



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