Hell of a Pilot Episode 3: What’s that about your party bus?

January 15, 2017

Episode Three is here with special guest Victorian (AUS) regional winner Nick Hendly. We talk in depth about his squad and his views on the current state of the game. 

Segments include;  

  • Holonet: what makes each of the factions unique? 
  • Making the Phantom Great Again: why did Nick choose to fly the "Mynock Special" and how did he fly it to great effect at the Victorian regionals
  • One hell of a pilot: the lore surrounding the twin patron saints fo Scum, Zuckess and 4-Lom
  • Outer Rim: what we'd like to see FFG do with the game
  • Cantina: we raise a glass to the late, great Carrie Fischer. 

Good news - we're on iTunes! 

Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew. 

And remember: when in doubt focus! 




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