Hell of a Pilot Episode 5: Oooopsilon I did it again!

February 9, 2017


Friends, T-65 pilots and wamp rats episode 5 of “Hell of a Pilot” is here for your listening pleasure. 

Our mad bomber, Owen “Kaos” Cross leads the attack as we discuss: 

  • Mike’s (Baron Gundark) final transformation into a human Defender
  • Our thoughts on the Upsilon, Rebel Tie and Quad jumper following play testing
  • Why Klyo “Darth Emo” Ren is not the end of X-Wing as we know it
  • Owen’s continuing quest to turn every ship into a bomber
  • Lachlan (Hazard) talks about the lore surrounding yet another 90’s video game character, Kyle Katarn
  • How we made the Starviper viable in our first listener challenge. 

Join Hazard (Lachlan), Kaos (Owen) and Baron Gundark (Mike) for your fortnightly dose of X-Wing news, views and pew-pew.

Remember: when in doubt focus!


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