Hell of a Pilot Episode 8: When did you get a cat?

March 25, 2017

Ladies, gentlemen and Wookies of an GRRRRRRRRRR age welcome to Episode 8 of "Hell of a Pilot". 

This episode we speculate on Wave 11. We discuss Wookie Gunships, Imperial TLT's and Scrrrrruuugggg bombers. 

  • Just how tanky is the Wookie Gunship
  • Mike vows to fly four Tie Aggressors with TLT to troll Rebel players
  • The guys debate how ugly the Scrug model is
  • What does this mean for the future of the meta? 

In our pilot lore section we discuss an incredibly obscure pilot and character in Star Wars. 

Also don't forget to send us pictures of your customised ships to share on our FaceBook page. 

And remember, when in doubt focus!


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